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My favorite german fairy tales

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Prologue I too was once a little child, like all grandparents, who just started as a small child. And for me it was something very special, what beautiful when I visited my grandfather, was allowed to sleep with my grandfather. In his house in his bed with him. And before falling asleep, he always told me a story. A fairy tale And my eyes shone with happiness and also that made my grandfather happy. I sincerely hope that all grandparents have their joy can be when they read these stories and see their grandchildren while the children's shining eyes. Hans StückrathTags: RapunzelMy fairy talesGrimmViernesZwergnaseSabadoAndersenEL FLAUTISTA DE HAMELINEl gran libro de cuento de hadasSelma Lagerlöf7,98 € inkl. gesetzl. MwSt. / ohne DRM

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