Castle Danger - The Mental States

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American crime - Nordic style! "Hey, it's me again, Manny. Are you surprised? It's the dress, right? You'll get used to it. So, when we last met, I'd been fired, assaulted, chased by cops and criminals alike, and coerced into a political conspiracy. This time, I'm working for the next governor of the state of Minnesota. Alongside Joel. Sort of. He's still adjusting to the new me. But corruption spreads like fire and somebody has to douse the flames ... Here's the thing. They say that knowledge is power. But nobody tells you that what you know can be the death of you." The CASTLE DANGER saga continues in THE MENTAL STATES as Manny and Joel work together doing what they do best: getting into deep trouble. State Senator Andrew Marquette looks like a shoo-in for the governorship - appealing to votes across the political spectrum - and he's brought Manny and Joel aboard to help steer the ship. But when one of Marquette's most trusted advisors goes missing, our heroes can't help but play detective once again, in spite of everyone around them trying to block their path. Is there more to this disappearance than meets the eye? It will take a harrowing journey around Minnesota's backwoods, the back alleys of the Twin Cities, and the mysterious "dark web" online, where some sick individuals pay a fortune to see their most depraved wishes come true. About the Author Anthony Neil Smith is a Professor and the Chair of English at Southwest Minnesota State University. He is the author of various previous novels. Originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, he now lives on the frozen prairie with his wife, two needy dogs and two sneaky cats.ISBN: 9783732530151Verlag: Bastei Entertainment6.99 € inkl. gesetzl. MwSt. / ohne DRM